Residential Electric Gates



Choosing a Gate Design

It is important that residential gates look great and suit your property.

The biggest choice is whether you want a metal or a wooden gate. Our metal gates are fabricated from steel box-section (strong and lightweight), then galvanised for minimal maintenance, and powder-coated in almost any colour.

Most of our wooden gates are built of Iroko or Oak, and finished in an external lacquer with different shading options. All our gates are bespokely built (meaning we will work with any design ideas that you might have), however we do have a number of standard designs that can suit most entrances. We also supply and install railings to match your gate.

Deciding which gate is right for you depends on what the goal of your electric gate is to be. Wooden gates provide privacy, a close boarded wooden gate ensures that prying eyes cannot see through.
If your looking for decorative ornamental gates then a traditional wrought iron gate with beautifully complex designs will better suit your needs, our galvanised and powder-coated metal gates mean your gates needs only minimal maintenance.

It is also important to consider the overall shape of the gate, of which there are three mains options to choose – flattop, up-swept arch and down-swept arch:

Our team at Ansador can help you choose the right design to suite you requirements and budget, just press the contact button below and drop us a quick enquiry and we will get back you you within 24 hours:

Gate Design

The Ansador team can help design the perfect gate to suit your driveway. If your stuck with choosing a design, or want something bespoke that you can’t pick out of a PDF document, our team can help. Just get in touch and give us your spec and we can create a a gate design to suit your requirements.

Still Stuck for a Design?

Try out our Gate Builder and make your own design:

Gate Builder

Swing or Slide


There are two main types of electric gate: swing and sliding. Swing gates can be automated using hydraulic arms, which are fixed to the back of the gate, or underground operators that are hidden from view. Sliding gates are driven open and closed by a floor-mounted motor (PDF data sheets below).

To decide which is most appropriate for your home, you should consider whether the ground is sloped (sliding gates cannot work on a gradient) and what space is available for the gate to open into.

Our surveyors are always available to talk if you wish to discuss what options are available to you, you can press the button below to drop us an enquiry or question, or give us a call on 020 7228 7777


PDF DownloadsResidential Swing Gate Operator PDFs


PDF DownloadsResidential Sliding Gate Operator PDFs


Existing Gates

Ansador Ltd prides itself in being able to automate almost any existing gate. We have a wide range of automatic gate operators that can be retro fitted to existing gates to allow for automation.

Our automation engineers are skilled welders so are able to manipulate existing metalwork to ensure the gate is made suitable for automation.

Problems with Existing Gates?

Our automation engineers are fully trained on a wide range of different manufacturers equipment so can assist in repairing, maintenance and servicing on existing electric gates.

We also offer maintenance service agreements, where in the event that any of your automation equipment fails or needs repair/maintenance we are there within a 24hour period to get everything running smoothly again for you.

Access Control

The most common method of activating residential electric gates to open is via the use of a remote transmitter from inside your vehicle. Alternatively, keypads, card/fob access, induction loops or number-plate recognition systems can be used as the method of activating your gates. Induction loops are extremely popular for automatically triggering gates to open for free exit.

To screen and allow visitor access, we offer a wide-range of intercom systems to integrate with the electric gate. These can be audio-only, audio-visual, hard-wired or telephone-based. There are also many other gate accessories also available.


Also available as a method of gate access is GSM gate openers which can operate from your mobile phone. These are popular as they allow flexible gate control, allowing you to grant access remotely, simply by dialing a number on you phone.



Electric gates are classed as machines and therefore has the potential to cause serious harm.

During the summer of 2010 two young children died after becoming trapped in powered gates. As a result the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued two safety notices in 2010 outlining details on the risks and the protection method needed.

The HSE now requires electric gate installers to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of hazards to anyone using the gates prior to design and installation, under the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and BS-EN13241-1.

At Ansador all our installations comply with the latest British Standards. This is achieved by installing a variety of safety beams, safety edges and induction loops that detect the presence of pedestrians and vehicles.

Completed installations are subject to a number of force tests to ensure the gate is safe for all. Our maintenance contracts also ensure systems and safety circuits are tested bi-annually.

Our Service to You

Our trained surveyors will carry out free-of-charge surveys before providing a detailed quotation for the works. To arrange this, please call 0207 228 7777 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

During these visits, they will assess following in order to specify the appropriate equipment:

  • The number of likely cycles per day to ensure the duty cycle of the motors is suitable for the application.
  • The type, size, weight of the gates to ensure the motors are appropriate for the application.
  • The safety circuits required taking into account the environment the gates are working in e.g. public or private access etc.
  • The slope of the roadway if any.
  • The necessity for planning regulations or not.
  • The type of control required such as remote transmitters, coded entry, intercoms, proximity cards, key-fobs or automatic entry/exit loops.
  • Security requirements for the site generally such as pedestrian access etc.
  • Compliance issues for particular organisations.

Electric gates provide a huge deterrent to attempted theft and provide the user with an increased level of security, privacy and safety, particularly on busy roads. Using Ansador as your installer guarantees you a top quality installation, and attentive customer service throughout and after the installation.

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