Cropped barrier

Car Park Barriers

Has your workplace ever fallen victim to strangers seeking a convenient and free parking space?

One reliable method of deterrent against such unwelcome and unauthorized use of a commercial property is the installation of parking barriers. Such barriers are the most popular method of managing traffic flow – and there are many reasons why.

Ansador have developed a range of technologically advanced car parking systems that are suitable for both local authority implementation and private operation. Our barriers can be used in various types of car park, including underground parking facilities, secure units and perimeter entrances/access roads.

So, where do we start?

Automatic car park barriers are the most cost-effective method of regulating vehicle access into an area, whether this is residential, commercial or industrial. At Ansador, we pride ourselves on installing durable and reliable car park barriers that meet the individual needs of our clients on a bespoke basis. We also offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for all new and existing barriers.

From our extensive range of systems, whether catering for public or privately owned car parks, Ansador will be able to identify a barrier system to suit your organisation. We offer the installation of these as a foolproof solution to various traffic management problems, and in the process make car park management simple – we let the right people in, and nobody else!

Ansador’s barrier technology can provide wide-ranging car park management, particularly when used in conjunction with our intercom and card/fob reader facilities. Our systems can also enable the separate management of specified parking areas for particular customers and personnel.

What sets Ansador car park barriers apart?

Our parking management products provide excellent low-cost solutions for vehicle access control. Our barrier systems are durable, operating simply and with minimal maintenance requirements.

Here at Ansador we will happily assist you all the way from the initial concept stage of your barrier project up until the full solution has been fully implemented.

It should be noted that car parking barriers are primarily designed to control traffic flow and are not necessarily a means of providing security. If this is a specific requirement, other kinds of gate or bollard system should perhaps be considered, as these are ones specifically engineered to withstand the most forceful of vehicular impacts possible.

Ansador offer parking solutions that pay for themselves sooner rather than later. Our systems provide the opportunity to regain control of your car park and secure it for your most valued visitors – paying customers!

For more information on how Ansador can assist you with car park management and traffic flow control, contact us today!