Card access system

Card Access Systems: safe and efficient access control from Ansador

At Ansador, we specialise in automated security solutions. From electric gates and car park barriers to rising bollards, turnstiles to automatic doors, we pride ourselves in being able to meet your every automated security system need.

Each of our solutions is compatible with a range of access control options and one of our simplest choices is our card access systems. Card access systems are widely in use in commercial buildings and car parks around the world, are easy to maintain and cost-effective. Take our range of turnstiles for example, each of our models of turnstile security gates can be provided with card access and will allow one user through after a valid card has been presented. Card access systems such as this allow fast throughput to any secure building and access cards can be set up quickly to allow visitor access.

We can also install card access systems on our car park barrier systems. Card access is the easiest way to control access to a shared car park, especially larger commercial car parks, where an access system such as keypad access would greatly slow down the flow of traffic in and out of the site. It is also hugely reliable and provides a simple user experience, without the need to remember an access code. Many businesses choose to combine their staff access cards with staff identification cards, which further increases security and access control.

Ansador also offer a range of automatic swinging and sliding doors that can be controlled via a card access system. Our wide range of doors can suit any application and we can help with determining the best solution for your business needs. Our units are often controlled by card access for secure areas of the building and can be set up so that when a user arrives and presents a valid card, the door will not only unlock but automatically open and close behind them. The automated closing of a door is a very important security feature that is often forgotten and an automatic door with a card access system is an effective deterrent to tailgating.

Card access provides a safe and efficient controlled access system that can be installed alongside any one of our high quality automated security offerings. If you are considering implementing a new security system in your business or home, then please get in touch with the team here at Ansador and we will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and how we can meet them.