Electric gate

Electric driveway gates: the solution to all your problems?

Why upgrade to electric driveway gates from Ansador? For our customers this is not a difficult question, but their motives usually lie in one of these three areas:

1. Security

This is perhaps the most common reason for installing driveway gates, both at home and on business premises. Electric gates are an effective deterrent to intruders to your property and offer the peace of mind you desire when at home. Many customers also opt for a solid wooden gate, which prevents prying eyes and further secures your home from the opportunist thief looking for a weak point through which to gain entry. Couple your electric driveway gate with a video or audio intercom entry system and grant yourself complete control over who has access to your property from the safety of your home. Ansador’s electric gates become the first line of defence for your property, replacing your front door, and provide further reassurance of your security.

2. Convenience

Electric gates are simply easier than manual gates. If you installed driveway gates as a security measure, then getting out of your car to manually close them each morning and evening is necessary to make sure you haven’t wasted your money. How often do you drive past driveway gates that have been left open? Both metal and wooden driveway gates can also be very heavy and difficult to open and close, or perhaps if you live on a busy main road then getting out of your car to open the gates to gain access is not a viable option. Surely the solution to all of these problems is to automate your driveway gates? Electric gates make all of these situations disappear as you open and close your gates from the comfort, warmth and safety of your car.

3. Practicality

Do you live on a narrow street, or perhaps a long cul-de-sac? Many of our customers use our driveway gates to stop motorists using their driveway as a place to turn around, especially those with young children or dogs. As well as preventing drivers entering your driveway, our driveway gates also ensure your children and dogs cannot run out into the road, endangering themselves, and are kept apart from people passing by. Our electric gates can be programmed to close automatically behind you, so the worry of forgetting to close them can itself be forgotten and you are free to allow your children or pets on the driveway knowing they are safe and secure.

At Ansador, we have a wide range of electric driveway gates to suit your every need in size, design and price. The benefits of electric gates for your property are at least worth getting in touch to discuss the options and our customer service is second to none, so please get in contact with us and we can begin planning your perfect driveway gates together.