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Fire Industry Association

What is the FIA

The Fire Industry Association, more commonly known as the FIA is a non-profit association with the goal of achieving promotion of the professional status of the UK fire safety industry. This association holds the following core values in its mission:

  • To promote and demonstrate the greatest ethical standards
  • Constant strive towards the highest effective standards of fire safety
  • Recognition as the leading experts in providing fire protection solutions
  • Deliver a forum for members that is transparent, open and equal regardless of size
  • Demonstrate a speedy and effective ability to get things done

The FIA came into existence after a merger between FETA (Fire Extinguishing Trade Associations) and BFPSA (British Fire Protection Systems Associations). These two organisations were both longstanding and well-respected trade associations holding a long shared common interest: the encouragement in the professional status of the UK fire industry. The FIA is proudly working to continue this interest.

The FIA works to promote the fire industry’s professional standards through close communication and campaigning with the Government, official bodies and key organisations working in the industry. All the latest legislation is promoted and all members and the general market are informed as to how it can affect their business.

The FIA will provide all advice and technical knowledge relating to fire safety in the UK to anyone to requires it. Training courses for members and non members are provided to keep everyone up to date on the latest legislative and technical topics that affect anyone working with fire safety.


So what benefit does the FIA provide to its members? 

In order to become a member, you must be involved in the manufacture, maintenance or installation of fire safety equipment, or involved in fire risk assessments, and must adhere to very strict criteria which includes third party accreditation. The third party accreditation ensures any products, systems or services provided by members are fit for purpose. The parameters under which members must operate are also set by the FIA Leadership Statement.

As a member of the FIA, any client or customer can rest with the assurance that they are receiving the best product or service; acting in compliance with all relevant up to date industry standards and all steps required to fulfil responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order will be followed.