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Hotel Security

Security systems in the hotel industry are of very high importance. Guests need to feel secure in their surroundings to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Alongside the décor, the furniture and the service of a hotel the security that a guest feels is protecting them, their family and their belongings will contribute to how much they enjoy their stay and whether they will make a return visit.

However there is a fine line to be drawn between a hotel feeling secure and the privacy of guests being compromised. Technology such as security cameras tracking guests movements can be somewhat imposing and detract from the enjoyment of time in a hotel.

Hotel security should be clear and effective, but never imposing.

A Key Card and Lock Access system combines the dual need for both reliable and discreet security systems in modern hotels, whether it is Card Access to one room or a more personally tailored solution for front doors, elevators, main entrances and other areas of the hotel.

A Key Card and Lock Access system is effective and reliable as access to the various areas of the hotel will be specifically programmed onto a Card, such as a swipe card. The Card as one device can give guests access to the hotel’s main entrance, their floors and their rooms whilst also being programmed to restrict users from other floors and rooms of the hotel.

These flexible and functional Card access systems effectively keep trespassers off of hotel premises and well away from floors and rooms that guests have paid to access.

With families staying in hotels the reliable Card Access System means parents can rest assured that their children will not be able to gain access to any dangerous areas of the hotel if off exploring alone.

Many hotels will also have areas that need to have access restricted from guests and even some members of staff.  Keeping secure guest information, finance information and even Safes for cash to be stored before taken to the bank. A Card Access System allows for limited access to these rooms keeping them restricted to only those with the programmed high security access cards.

Another added security benefit of a Card Access System in a modern hotel environment is that the card activity can be tracked. The information of when and where the Key Card has been used in the hotel and at what times can be uploaded onto a state of the art computer system. This allows for added security should there be an unlikely security breach or in the occurrence of any emergencies, all without having imposing CCTV cameras to track guests movements.

A Card Access system has all of these security benefits whilst also being smart, minimalistic and discreet. The design of the door lock and card looks neat, intelligent and high tech, keeping guests feeling secure without the need for over the top, old fashioned lock and key mechanisms.

Guests can rest assured that the programmed Card Access System means that they, their families and their personal belongings are safely stowed behind a modern state of the art security system, that won’t impose on their relaxing stay.

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