Exit button

New Wireless request to exit buttons

Architectural hardware manufacturer “Alpro” have released a new wireless request to exit button to the UK access control market which will soon replace hardwired request to exit buttons as seen to the right:New Wireless request to exit buttons


The New Wireless Request to Exit Button

Button & KeypadThe new contactless solution offering from Alpro offers a sterile and hygienic operation with no physical contact of hand to button.

The unit itself has a proximity distance which is adjustable from 5-20cms along with an adjustable relay trigger from 1 to 9 seconds.

The unit can also be activated via a small portable keypad device which when mated with the easy indication of operation status makes this unit look like the future of contactless access control.

With the threat of various diseases becoming more apparent in UK hospitals and GP surgery’s, a contactless solution for door operation seems to be the most appropriate option.