Salto glass door

Salto: Revolutionary New Access Systems

The standard door lock has been with us for many centuries. However, with new Salto products, and the rise of alternative entry systems, the old lock and key formula that we know so well, is now taking on technological transformation. The rise of new forms of access systems, such as those pioneered by Salto, are so popular because they have revolutionised the way we protect our property.

Salto products work on systems that are easy to use, more safe and more efficient than key locks. From card access to futuristic fingerprint access, Salto is delivering up-to-the-minute technology for businesses and homes. A domestic disturbance usually means the necessity to get the locks changed on your property. With Salto, changing access privileges is simpler and cheaper than the costly reliance on a locksmith, which has been a nuisance for generations.

In all types of property, Salto access devices are a great way to keep safe and secure, whilst celebrating technological advancements that were once merely the stuff of science fiction and spy movies! The opportunity to pre-programme your personalised Salto system to regulate access to your property is an advancement that puts you in control of your property in a way that traditional lock and key combinations could never do.

The Salto electronic locking system offers a choice of different card readers built into the door handle, such as an iButton ID-carrier, smart card or proximity card. Salto systems are ideal for overcoming the necessity for traditional wiring associated with other access control systems. However, Salto still offers all the advantages of a wired system, including: a full audit trail, access level and time zones, integration with door intercom and CCTV, external rated readers, and conveniently, the Salto system is linked to your PC, for ease of management.

Together with stand alone electronic locks for individual doors, which not only ‘read’ but also ‘write’ to cards, wired online readers then report to a PC: the audit trail for the ‘stand alone’ locks and readers is downloaded onto the card whenever it is used, which then downloads onto the online system when it is used on that reader. For stand alone locks, a hand held portable programming device is used, which acts as a messenger between the door and the PC for programming and downloading information.

It may sound complex, but like any significant techonological development worth its Salto (see what I did there?), the Salto system is easy to learn how to use, as well as offering increased security for your premises than traditional lock and key systems could offer.  There is such a wide range of Salto entry systems that it is easy to choose a Salto access system to suit you.