Controlling vehicle access into a secure area or car park can sometimes need a more substantial barrier than just automated gates or car park barriers. On these occasions we recommend using a rising bollard which forms a physical barrier that can not easily be overcome.

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Rising bollard systems

Bollards come in a variety of sizes and rise and fall on impulse from either a transmitter held in the vehicle or a different suitable type of access control system. The rising bollard can be specified in varying sizes and heights in order to withstand varying degrees of impact.

The simple 500mm Coral unit is suitable for smaller applications while the larger Stabuc unit is designed to withstand impact from moving lorries and larger vehicles.

Our trained surveyors will advise on the suitability and the correct type of unit for the application and would as a matter of course recommend suitable safety circuits depending on the application.

The bollards are often installed to compliment electric gates in order to protect a property from ‘ram raiding’ etc. They would be fitted just behind or in front of gates and will rise and fall in parallel with the gate activation.

The bollards can be controlled by a variety of means including:

  • Transmitters both long and short range
  • Keypad or digital number
  • Long range card reader
  • Intercom
  • Number plate recognition
  • Biometric control

If the application id for a high security area we will ensure the bollards meet the latest standards of PAS 68.2007.

For speed of use and to ensure all staff using the area are properly logged the bollards can also be controlled by the use of VNPR Vehicle number plate recognition.


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Access control

All our Rising Bollards can be interfaced with a great variety of access controls – keypads, card/fob access, remote transmitters or number-plate recognition systems to name a few. Induction loops are also extremely popular for automatically triggering Rising Bollards to open, giving an approaching vehicle free exit or entry. The Rising Bollards can also be programmed to open and close at pre-determined times of the day. To screen and allow visitor access, we offer a wide-range of intercom systems to integrate with our Rising Bollards. These can be audio-only, audio-visual, hard-wired or telephone-based.


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We take great care to ensure that all our Rising Bollards installations comply with the British Standards and pose minimal risk to pedestrians and vehicles. This is achieved by installing a variety of safety beams and induction loops that detect the presence of pedestrians and vehicles passing above the Rising Bollards. Added to this, the Rising Bollards have deceleration on lowering, rubber profiles and sensitive anti-crush detectors.


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