Carpark barriers

Automatic car park barriers are the most cost-effective method of regulating vehicle access into an area, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. At Ansador, we pride ourselves on installing durable and reliable car park barriers that meet the individual needs of the each of our clients. We also offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for all new and existing barriers.

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Smart card systems

Our car park barriers have beams length from 2m to 7m to suit the size of the opening. The particular model of barrier will not only depend on the required beam length, but also the type of entrance in question, the number of cars that need to be controlled and the level of security of the premises.

All the barriers we install are hydraulic with opening and closing locks, external manual release overrides and highly visible beams.

The barrier units consist of a steel housing with protective catopheresis treatment powder-coated orange (RAL2004) as standard, however, we can even have the barrier units powder-coated in the colour of your organisation, or in a stainless steel finish.

There are also a number of other optional features:

  • Articulated beams
  • Rounded beams
  • Skirting (to dissuade people ducking under / over beam)
  • Anti-vandal devices
  • Magnetic locking
  • Traffic lights, flashing lamps or sounders
  • Signage roundels (e.g. ‘stop’ or ‘no exit’)
  • Traffic counting systems
  • Integration with car park payment systems


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Access control

All our barriers can be interfaced with a great variety of access controls – keypads, card/fob access, remote transmitters or number-plate recognition systems to name a few. Induction loops are also extremely popular for automatically triggering barriers toopen, giving an approaching vehicle free exit or entry. The barrier can also be programmed to open and close at pre-determined times of the day. To screen and allow visitor access, we offer a wide-range of intercom systems to integrate with our barriers. These can be audio-only, audio-visual, hard-wired or telephone-based.


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We take great care to ensure that all our barrier installations comply with the British Standards and pose minimal risk to pedestrians and vehicles. This is achieved by installing a variety of safety beams and induction loops that detect the presence of pedestrians and vehicles passing beneath the barrier beam. Added to this, the beams have deceleration on lowering, rubber profiles and sensitive anti-crush detectors.


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