The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requires those responsible for buildings to make some provision for disabled access into the building. To meet this requirement, Ansador Ltd offers a full range of operators for automatic doors and can be fitted onto both new or existing doors.

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The LCN automatic door range offers the more unique feature of being operated through compressed air which can be adjusted when opening and closing. This means that a door that would normally be too heavy for somebody to operate can be made to feel very light to the touch as compressed air would assist the unit upon opening.

The range of GEZE automatic doors offer various sizes to suit almost any application. Care needs to be taken when specifying the usage of the door and the direction of opening etc. These units can be linked to an access control system such as a card reader, keypad, or intercom so when the visitor arrives the door will not only unlock but automatically open and re-close.

Alternatively the unit can be set to fully automatic and will open and close the door on whatever basis is required. The units can also be set to open on impulse from a fire alarm activation and stay open if necessary to assist in ventilation and evacuation procedures.

The systems need to be set up in accordance with BS7036 to ensure they are correctly specified for the purpose and are fitted with the appropriate safety circuits. These can include presence detectors, hinge guards to stop fingers getting caught, ,and a variety of other safeguards.

Ansador also provide a range of automatic sliding doors designed to provide a safe and efficient controlled access system to meet those requirements where swing door operators are not appropriate.
The swinging and sliding doors can all be controlled by card access, coded access or indeed any of the access control systems elsewhere in this web site.


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Access control

All our Automatic Doors can be interfaced with a great variety of access controls – keypads, card/fob access, remote transmitters or number-plate recognition systems to name a few. Induction loops are also extremely popular for automatically triggering Automatic Doors to open, giving an approaching vehicle free exit or entry. The Automatic Doors can also be programmed to open and close at pre-determined times of the day. To screen and allow visitor access, we offer a wide-range of intercom systems to integrate with our Automatic Doors. These can be audio-only, audio-visual, hard-wired or telephone-based.


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We take great care to ensure that all our Automatic Door installations comply with the BS EN 16005 and pose minimal risk to pedestrians and vehicles. This is achieved by installing a variety of safety beams and induction loops that detect the presence of pedestrians and vehicles passing near the Automatic Doors. Added to this, the Automatic Doors have deceleration on closing, rubber profiles and sensitive anti-crush detectors.


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