Electric gates

Electric gates come in two different types: swinging gates and sliding gates. Swing gates will be automated by either hydraulic arms fixed to the back of the gate, or underground operators hidden from sight. Sliding gates are driven open or shut by a motor which is fitted to the floor.

When deciding which is most appropriate for your driveway, there are a few things to consider. Is the ground sloped? How much space is available? Sliding gates don’t function on a gradient and swinging gates need a full swinging radius in order to open. At Ansador, our surveyors are always available to discuss the options available to you if you wish to talk. You can press the button below to drop us an enquiry or simple ask a quick questions, or feel free to give us a call on 020 7228 7777.

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Access control

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing which form of access control is best for you and your electric gate. The most common of these methods is communicating with the gate via a remote transmitted which is easily stored inside of your car. Other options which can be used to activate opening your gates include keypad entry, card/fob access, number-plate recognition systems or induction loops. Induction loops are extremely popular for using on exiting. The gates will be triggered automatically for opening when you drive close to the gate.

If you’re also looking for a system to screen and allow access to visitors, we offer a large variety of intercom systems which integrate with all options of electric gate. Whether you need audio-only, visual-only, hard-wired, or telephone-based, we can provide you with the most suitable system. There are a large number of other gate accessories available also.

A new system of gate access, which we also are pleased to carry, is GSM gate openers. These operate directly from your mobile phone. A GSM opener allows for a high level of flexibility on your gate control, allowing you even grant access remotely simply by dialling a designated number from your phone.

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All electric gates are technically classed as machines. This means they have the potential to cause serious harm to persons or pets.

As a result of a 2010 tragedy in the UK, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued 2 safety notices the same year which outline the details pertaining to the risks involved and the protection methods needed in place.

Now required, as a result of the HSE, is all electric gate installers to provide a comprehensive assessment of the risk of hazards prior to the design and installation phase. This is under the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and BS-EN13241-1. Here at Ansador, we carry out all our installations in complete compliance with the most up to date British Standards. This is completed through a variety of methods; safety edges, safety beams and induction loops that are able to effectively predict the presence of any pedestrians or vehicles within the danger zone.

Once completed, all installations will be subject to a variety of force tests, ensuring the gates safety. Our maintenance contracts also include the assurance that your systems and safety circuits are tested bi-annually.

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Why choose Ansador?


Ansador has been providing quality systems since 1982 and our name is now synonymous with first class work which is ultimately a testament to our returning client base. Working with a select number of premium manufacturers ensures our systems stand the test of time and as a result we are now considered to be the most trusted choice for automatic gates in the UK.


As an ISO 9001 certified organisation, our quality management systems are focused on surpassing customer expectation which ultimately guarantees the smooth day to operations both with our staff and clients. From installation through to service and maintenance, communication is at the heart of what makes us the most reliable choice.


With multiple engineer teams operating across the South of England, our internal coordinators are dedicated to ensuring a swift and efficient delivery across the board. Utilising advanced work management software internally, our head office are able to ensure the efficiency of all live projects which means we are always a step ahead.