CCTV is perhaps one of the most commonly utilised security systems today and video surveillance is achieved through a widely understood set of technologies.

The design and installation of hardware is critical when integrating a cohesive system design and our expertise lies in the positioning of cameras, monitoring and analytic technologies available in order to provide the system specification.

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The industry has moved away from analogue to IP CCTV with various migration paths now available to ensure hybrid systems are available to those who request a phased upgrade to utilising IP solutions. Ansador install a wide range of CCTV security products, from small covert systems through to large networked surveillance systems utilising wireless data transmission.


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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring of CCTV has become increasingly common, allowing for all cameras to be viewed remotely by a central station. Remote operators can focus on areas of interest and if required communicate via speak to site audio systems. In the event of police intervention being required, our trained operators can raise the alarm and have police intervention dispatched to site.

With a multitude of technology partners, Ansador have been designing, installing and maintaining CCTV systems for over 30 years to a continually growing client base


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