Intruder alarm

An intruder alarm system is perhaps one of the most widely used forms of electronic security. These systems operate through a variety of sensors: Movement sensors, Break glass sensors, Door contacts, Vibration sensors. The system is generally set either via a coded entry panel or simple fob reader which when set are able to offer two main types of alarm. All intruder alarm systems are installed to the latest British Standard BS34737 and are approved to the precise standards of all leading insurance companies.

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Bells only

Upon the alarm being activated, the system will ring an internal and external alarm sounder in order to deter intruders however these sounders will cease to ring after 15 minutes so as to comply with noise pollution laws.


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Remote monitoring

Ansador use the most advanced Redcare Secure alarm signalling system to connect your intruder alarms to our central monitoring station.

Redcare is a well-established division of BT and the UK leader in alarm signalling services. It already works with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the country, and uses mobile wireless networks backed up by landline telephone signals. Its system is future proofed against changes to the telephone network and can adapt to your changing needs.

If remote monitoring is required, Ansador will apply to the Police on the clients behalf for a URN (Unique Reference Number) and will then process this onto the alarm ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). When the system is activated, the Police will be notified along with the designated keyholders.


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