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What is Salto?

Salto electric card access systems comprise a smart card reader, along with cards that allow individual memory sectors within the card to be programmed individually. These cards are encrypted with data that mean the card can be set up to read and write information from that card. In this way, Salto access cards are the next technological step from swipe card readers and proximity cards. Just one Salto access card can be used for transport, photocopying, printing, access control, vending machines and as an ID card. Pretty smart, eh?

Salto products boast cutting-edge access control technology tailored to the needs of individual business and private clients. Salto’s inspired concept in securing buildings offers a groundbreaking new way to control access to your building. Without the need for complex wiring, as required by previous entry systems, Salto access systems, built into door handles are a simpler and less invasive alternative. The door can only be unlocked using a pre-programmed Salto card.

Salto i-lockers have also revolutionised secure access in public places such as gyms. Not only does the i-locker increase locker security, but also keeps an audit trail to track use of lockers. It is indispensible new technology already widely used in savvy offices, hotels and sports clubs.

For existing latch locks, there is the Salto Euro Profile Cylinder, which can be easily fitted into a latch lock where the latch is operated by the existing cylinder. A card reader is built into the end of the cylinder, where the key would usually be inserted. The door is opened using a standard turn knob. If this seems a little fiddly, you may prefer to choose the Salto slim line handle set, which features a built in Mifare card reader on the outside. Able to fit the majority of standard latch locks, the unit contains handles, batteries and Mifare reader, and utilises the Salto virtual network to do its job. Along with cards, the unit can even be operated by mobile phones equipped with NFC technology.

Salto access control systems are seeing in a new age in access control technology. Not only are they technologically advanced and easy to use, but they also have a sleek, futuristic look – perfect for companies who like to move with the times.