What Sort of Electric Gates Should I Choose?

So, you’ve decided that you need electric gates for your property. The next decision to make is exactly what sort of electric gates are right for you. There are a number of factors to contemplate, and you must be confident to have considered your choice from all angles before settling on a set of electric gates for your property. So, before you make your final decision, be certain that you have considered everything thoroughly.

Let’s begin by talking about the different types of electric gates available. There are swing gates and there are sliding gates. Electric gates that swing open either use hydraulic arms, fixed to the back of the gate, or underground operators. The great thing about underground operators for swing electric gates is that the workings are hidden from view, which has the pleasant effect of causing the electric gates to open ‘as if by magic’! Hydraulic arms maybe easier for maintenance purposes, with minimal invasive work to the actual ground surrounding your electric gates. Swing gates are also the only choice if the ground is sloped, as sliding electric gates cannot work on a gradient. On the other hand, if there is minimal space for electric gates to swing into, sliding gates are the best option.

Once you’ve decided on whether to choose swing or sliding electric gates, and if ‘swing’ what sort of operating mechanism you would prefer, then it is time to consider the material of your electric gates. The two main options are wood or metal. Wooden electric gates are a more mellow, homely and ‘countrified’ choice, suitable for the majority of domestic properties. Choose either iroko or oak wood, which will then be finished with an external lacquer which can be selected from a variety of shades to suit your property. You can choose from a selection of different shapes for your electric gates, too. The main three shapes include flat top, up-swept arch and down-swept arch. These shapes apply whether you choose wood or metal. If you want your electric gates to be something of a feature, a decorative first impression of your property, then a popular choice is wrought iron electric gates. Galvanised, powder coated metal electric gates require minimal maintenance compared with wooden electric gates, as well as adding a touch of elegance to your property.

Another thing to consider when choosing a set of electric gates for your property is the matter of security. Are you comfortable with outsiders being able to see through the electric gates? Is it a concern as to whether the gates can be easily scaled by a human? If security is a deciding factor in your choice, then a close boarded electric gate may be necessary. These tend to look better in wood, and have the double bonus of blocking your property from sight, as well as being difficult to climb for any potential intruders.

Hopefully, you will now have a more full idea of the options available to you in choosing electric gates for your property. Perhaps you already have gates, and wonder whether they can be automated? The answer is often ‘yes’. However, in all instances, the best advice I can offer is to choose a company to install your electric gates that is prepared to offer a thorough survey and risk assessment, and whose installations always comply with British Standards associated with their safety.  By considering all the options, and knowing the ins and outs (so to speak!) associated with choosing electric gates, you can make a confident, informed choice suitable for you and your property.