Electric gate

Why Choose Electric Gates

There are various reasons why we decide to install electric gates to our properties. Electric gates can enhance the look of your property as well as giving you privacy and security. There are a number of factors to contemplate before you make your final choice of electric gates.


The different types of electric gates available are swing gates or there are sliding gates. Electric gates that swing open either use hydraulic arms attached to the back of the gate, or underground operators. Swing electric gates with underground operators are aesthetically pleasing because all the workings are hidden from view. The advantages of hydraulic arms are they are easier for maintenance purposes, with minimal invasive work to the actual ground surrounding the electric gates. If the ground is sloped then swing gates are the only choice, as sliding electric gates cannot work on a gradient. However, if there is minimal space for electric gates to swing into, sliding gates are a better option.


The two main options for the material to use for your electric gates are wood or metal. If you decide that you would like wooden gates then choose either iroko or oak wood, which will then be finished with an external lacquer which can be a variety of shades to suit your property. There are three main shapes for your electric gates, flat top, up-swept arch and down- swept arch. These three shapes apply whether you choose wood or metal. Wrought iron gates can be grand and imposing or plain and simple depending on your preference. Galvanised, powder coated metal electric gates are a popular choice because they require minimum maintenance compared with wooden electric gates. If you already have gates in situ, then it is possible that automated operators can be fitted to the existing gates.


If privacy is your reason for choosing electric gates then you may be inclined towards wooden gates which will afford you more privacy than metal electric gates. Another thing to consider if you are security conscious is whether your gates can be scaled by potential intruders? If security and privacy are your deciding factor, then a close boarded electric gate may be necessary. These tend to look better in wood, and have a double bonus of blocking your property from sight and are difficult to climb.


With all the information digested, you can now make an informed decision as to what all your options are regarding your choice of electric gate. In all instances, the best advice is to choose a company to install your electric gates that is prepared to offer a thorough survey and risk assessment, and whose instillations always comply with British Standards associated with their safety. By considering all the options associated with choosing electric gate, you can make a confident choice suitable for you and your property.