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Providing electronic security systems since being founded in 1982, Ansador is now firmly established as one of the leading Fire & Security companies in the UK.The company has kept pace with the rapid expansion in the security industry, both in terms of equipment and expertise. By ensuring a prompt response to all enquires, followed by a timely and efficient installation and after sales service, it continues to grow in the fire and security market place.


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Card Access Systems: safe and efficient access control from Ansador

At Ansador, we specialise in automated security solutions. From electric gates and car park barriers to rising bollards, turnstiles to automatic doors, we pride ourselves in being able to meet your every automated security system need. Each of our solutions is compatible with a range of access control options and one of our simplest choices is our card access systems. Card access systems are widely in use in commercial buildings and car parks around the world, are easy to maintain and cost-effective. Take our range of turnstiles for example, each of our models of turnstile security gates can be provided with card access and will allow one user through after a valid card has been presented. Card access systems such as this allow fast throughput to any secure building and access cards can be set up quickly to allow visitor access. We can also install card access systems on our car park barrier systems. Card access is the easiest way to control access to a shared car park, especially larger commercial car parks, where an access system such as keypad access would greatly slow down the flow of traffic in and out of the site. It is also hugely reliable […]

Fire Industry Association

What is the FIA?  The Fire Industry Association, more commonly known as the FIA is a non-profit association with the goal of achieving promotion of the professional status of the UK fire safety industry. This association holds the following core values in its mission: To promote and demonstrate the greatest ethical standards Constant strive towards the highest effective standards of fire safety Recognition as the leading experts in providing fire protection solutions Deliver a forum for members that is transparent, open and equal regardless of size Demonstrate a speedy and effective ability to get things done The FIA came into existence after a merger between FETA (Fire Extinguishing Trade Associations) and BFPSA (British Fire Protection Systems Associations). These two organisations were both longstanding and well-respected trade associations holding a long shared common interest: the encouragement in the professional status of the UK fire industry. The FIA is proudly working to continue this interest. The FIA works to promote the fire industry’s professional standards through close communication and campaigning with the Government, official bodies and key organisations working in the industry. All the latest legislation is promoted and all members and the general market are informed as to how it can […]

Car Park Barriers

Has your workplace ever fallen victim to strangers seeking a convenient and free parking space? One reliable method of deterrent against such unwelcome and unauthorized use of a commercial property is the installation of parking barriers. Such barriers are the most popular method of managing traffic flow – and there are many reasons why. Ansador have developed a range of technologically advanced car parking systems that are suitable for both local authority implementation and private operation. Our barriers can be used in various types of car park, including underground parking facilities, secure units and perimeter entrances/access roads. So, where do we start? Automatic car park barriers are the most cost-effective method of regulating vehicle access into an area, whether this is residential, commercial or industrial. At Ansador, we pride ourselves on installing durable and reliable car park barriers that meet the individual needs of our clients on a bespoke basis. We also offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for all new and existing barriers. From our extensive range of systems, whether catering for public or privately owned car parks, Ansador will be able to identify a barrier system to suit your organisation. We offer the installation of these as a foolproof solution […]

Electric Gate Security

With all the time you take making your home beautiful, making sure that your beautiful home is safe should be at the top of the priority list.  While locked doors and closed windows are simple ways to secure a home, they are both permeable; doors and windows are not nearly enough to stop intruders.  Despite what you may think, security doesn’t have to be complex systems of alarms and codes.  Instead, securing your home can be as simple as installing an electric gate around your home to make sure that your home and loved ones stay safe through any situation. An electric gate is one of the most low-maintenance yet most efficient forms of commercial and home security available on the market today.  Particular gates, such as a close boarded wooden gate, are able to protect your home’s privacy from nosey neighbors by shielding your home from their eyes.  Other gates are more ornate but also function to make sure that only welcome visitors are pulling into your driveway or neighborhood by being hooked up to voice communicators and keypads for entry codes.  Furthermore, the electric gates are built bespoke for each area they are surrounding, meaning that they will […]

Why Choose Electric Gates

There are various reasons why we decide to install electric gates to our properties. Electric gates can enhance the look of your property as well as giving you privacy and security. There are a number of factors to contemplate before you make your final choice of electric gates.   The different types of electric gates available are swing gates or there are sliding gates. Electric gates that swing open either use hydraulic arms attached to the back of the gate, or underground operators. Swing electric gates with underground operators are aesthetically pleasing because all the workings are hidden from view. The advantages of hydraulic arms are they are easier for maintenance purposes, with minimal invasive work to the actual ground surrounding the electric gates. If the ground is sloped then swing gates are the only choice, as sliding electric gates cannot work on a gradient. However, if there is minimal space for electric gates to swing into, sliding gates are a better option.   The two main options for the material to use for your electric gates are wood or metal. If you decide that you would like wooden gates then choose either iroko or oak wood, which will then […]

What is Salto?

Salto electric card access systems comprise a smart card reader, along with cards that allow individual memory sectors within the card to be programmed individually. These cards are encrypted with data that mean the card can be set up to read and write information from that card. In this way, Salto access cards are the next technological step from swipe card readers and proximity cards. Just one Salto access card can be used for transport, photocopying, printing, access control, vending machines and as an ID card. Pretty smart, eh? Salto products boast cutting-edge access control technology tailored to the needs of individual business and private clients. Salto’s inspired concept in securing buildings offers a groundbreaking new way to control access to your building. Without the need for complex wiring, as required by previous entry systems, Salto access systems, built into door handles are a simpler and less invasive alternative. The door can only be unlocked using a pre-programmed Salto card. Salto i-lockers have also revolutionised secure access in public places such as gyms. Not only does the i-locker increase locker security, but also keeps an audit trail to track use of lockers. It is indispensible new technology already widely used […]