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Providing electronic security systems since being founded in 1982, Ansador is now firmly established as one of the leading Fire & Security companies in the UK.The company has kept pace with the rapid expansion in the security industry, both in terms of equipment and expertise. By ensuring a prompt response to all enquires, followed by a timely and efficient installation and after sales service, it continues to grow in the fire and security market place.


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High quality car park barriers with a service to match

At Ansador, we pride ourselves on our range of high quality automatic car park barriers. Automatic parking barriers are the most cost-effective method of regulating vehicle access into an area, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. When choosing a car park barrier, the particular model you choose will depend on the beam length needed, the type of entrance, the number of vehicles needing to be controlled and the level of security required for the premises. Our parking barriers have beam lengths from 2m to 7m and can be provided with a skirt if required. All of our car park barriers are hydraulic with opening and closing locks and highly visible beams. In case of a power outage, all our parking barriers also have an external manual release override. With such a large range of optional features and enhancements, where do you begin with choosing your car park barrier solution? Luckily, Ansador provide the consultation services to guide you all the way from idea to implementation and beyond. Our specialists can provide advice on whether your beam needs to be articulated, rounded or whether skirting is required. We can also recommend whether your requirements would be best met by traffic […]

Electric driveway gates: the solution to all your problems?

Why upgrade to electric driveway gates from Ansador? For our customers this is not a difficult question, but their motives usually lie in one of these three areas: 1. Security This is perhaps the most common reason for installing driveway gates, both at home and on business premises. Electric gates are an effective deterrent to intruders to your property and offer the peace of mind you desire when at home. Many customers also opt for a solid wooden gate, which prevents prying eyes and further secures your home from the opportunist thief looking for a weak point through which to gain entry. Couple your electric driveway gate with a video or audio intercom entry system and grant yourself complete control over who has access to your property from the safety of your home. Ansador’s electric gates become the first line of defence for your property, replacing your front door, and provide further reassurance of your security. 2. Convenience Electric gates are simply easier than manual gates. If you installed driveway gates as a security measure, then getting out of your car to manually close them each morning and evening is necessary to make sure you haven’t wasted your money. How […]

Hotel Security

Security systems in the hotel industry are of very high importance. Guests need to feel secure in their surroundings to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Alongside the décor, the furniture and the service of a hotel the security that a guest feels is protecting them, their family and their belongings will contribute to how much they enjoy their stay and whether they will make a return visit. However there is a fine line to be drawn between a hotel feeling secure and the privacy of guests being compromised. Technology such as security cameras tracking guests movements can be somewhat imposing and detract from the enjoyment of time in a hotel. Hotel security should be clear and effective, but never imposing. A Key Card and Lock Access system combines the dual need for both reliable and discreet security systems in modern hotels, whether it is Card Access to one room or a more personally tailored solution for front doors, elevators, main entrances and other areas of the hotel. A Key Card and Lock Access system is effective and reliable as access to the various areas of the hotel will be specifically programmed onto a Card, such as a swipe […]

More Than Just Security

Card access systems are perfect for keeping out unwanted visitors and protecting your property or offices from intruders; they allow complete control over who enters and exits the building via a simple card access mechanism. Many companies choose a card access system for its reliable security levels and the ease with which new members of staff or visitors can be granted or denied access. However, card access systems can be a much more powerful tool than just this. In many businesses today, there are areas within the company building or estate that should not be accessible to all members of staff, not just for security reasons but for the safety of employees. Many technology companies will have a server room which requires a much higher security level than other areas within the building. An intruder in the server room would be a high risk situation for the business in terms of both continuing service and data security. A card access system can be your first line of defence against unauthorised access to business-critical areas such as a server room. In this age of increasingly stringent standards around data security, card access can restrict access to particular areas, is easy to […]

Card Access Systems: safe and efficient access control from Ansador

At Ansador, we specialise in automated security solutions. From electric gates and car park barriers to rising bollards, turnstiles to automatic doors, we pride ourselves in being able to meet your every automated security system need. Each of our solutions is compatible with a range of access control options and one of our simplest choices is our card access systems. Card access systems are widely in use in commercial buildings and car parks around the world, are easy to maintain and cost-effective. Take our range of turnstiles for example, each of our models of turnstile security gates can be provided with card access and will allow one user through after a valid card has been presented. Card access systems such as this allow fast throughput to any secure building and access cards can be set up quickly to allow visitor access. We can also install card access systems on our car park barrier systems. Card access is the easiest way to control access to a shared car park, especially larger commercial car parks, where an access system such as keypad access would greatly slow down the flow of traffic in and out of the site. It is also hugely reliable […]

Fire Industry Association

What is the FIA?  The Fire Industry Association, more commonly known as the FIA is a non-profit association with the goal of achieving promotion of the professional status of the UK fire safety industry. This association holds the following core values in its mission: To promote and demonstrate the greatest ethical standards Constant strive towards the highest effective standards of fire safety Recognition as the leading experts in providing fire protection solutions Deliver a forum for members that is transparent, open and equal regardless of size Demonstrate a speedy and effective ability to get things done The FIA came into existence after a merger between FETA (Fire Extinguishing Trade Associations) and BFPSA (British Fire Protection Systems Associations). These two organisations were both longstanding and well-respected trade associations holding a long shared common interest: the encouragement in the professional status of the UK fire industry. The FIA is proudly working to continue this interest. The FIA works to promote the fire industry’s professional standards through close communication and campaigning with the Government, official bodies and key organisations working in the industry. All the latest legislation is promoted and all members and the general market are informed as to how it can […]