Hobhouse Court

Architecturally designed to provide a contemporary landmark development to one of London’s busiest areas, Hobhouse Court consists of residential, office and retail units within a newly refurbished building situated just behind Trafalgar Square. Due to the swift project turnaround and consistently changing client requirement, Ansador were appointed to work through from pre-construction to delivery.

With all sites, particularly those that pride themselves in overall modern design, it is imperative that the technology and systems required are carefully designed, seamlessly installed and integrated to adhere to the client requirements.  

Ansador delivered a high spec, innovative fire alarm, CCTV and access control system that ensured a solution to any potential vulnerabilities within the building, covering the combination of residential, retail and office units. Utilising our long standing technology partnerships, as well as our industry leading expertise, experience, knowledge and access to the most up to date technology and cyber security systems available, Ansador were able to deliver to the client an all-encompassing fire and security solution with the utmost efficiency upon completion in January 2020.

Recent Projects


Royal Watercolour Society

Service Provided:

Fire & Security Solutions; Fire alarm, CCTV and access control system


Trafalgar Square, London

Date Commenced:

Commenced November 2018