Something that we have focused on and excelled in throughout 2020 so far is our ability at Ansador to adapt. You may have read my last blog post where I discussed how we had done exactly that when it’s come to the Covid-19 pandemic, but one aspect that we will also need to address this year is the B word… You guessed it… Brexit!

Having been a talking point amongst us all, particularly within businesses, for the last few years, the time is coming when the transition will finally reach it’s peak, and we quite simply need to be prepared for any eventuality. Ansador, like every other business in the UK, big or small, are working with pure hypotheticals at the moment. Is there a single individual be it in Government or the general public who can predict exactly what the definite scenario will be? There is not, and that is why rather than focus on what we don’t know, we’re focusing on what we do know.

We do know this; our business has grown despite several potential hurdles over the years since it was founded by my Father in the early eighties. We do know, that we have enlisted the expertise of a Board of Directors who have such vast experience within their fields, that the combination of their skills and the established relationships we have with our technology partners arm us with the tools we need to remain strong, regardless of what the Brexit outcome may be. 

We also know, that if there was ever a time to draw from the unity we have with our team, clients, suppliers and associates, it’s now. Ansador has consistent communication with these parties right across the board.  Despite having several technology partners based in the EU, the contingency plans in place from us all, lead us to a path of unity and a collective guarantee that we have prepared for all possible measures to be implemented in order to prevent any impact on the service we provide. 

We continue as a Board to closely monitor all Brexit related developments, though we stand strong in the knowledge that thanks to the hard work our team have provided over the last few years, we are prepared to adapt to any eventuality with the same strength and resilience we are known for. 

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