Stability and Sustainable Growth – By Finance Director Paul Sellwood

Ansador was established by our Chairman Francis Davey in the early 80s, and has flourished continually since then. Three years ago, the company undertook a restructure and refocus to synergise with it’s progress. We have achieved significant growth as a result of capitalising on the skills and expertise with the new strategy which has reinvigorated the business.

As a company we are seeing an amazingly high level of repeat business which is testament to our team and the knowledge and high standard of skillsets they possess, along with Ansador’s financial stability, providing our clients with an added level of trust and reliability. Whilst we are confident in our status, particularly during such a challenging economical time for many, one of the reasons we are able to proudly recognise this is largely down to the due diligence we carry out, and the understanding of key risks that often come from successful growth. This is why as a company, we conduct in depth financial and staff resource remodelling to ensure growth is kept within a sustainable range, where staff resources ensure continuity of service and working capital remains strong.

We remain privately owned, debt free and have had no need for any Covid-19 related loans, having traded strongly throughout the period so far. Being privately owned means being unencumbered by external pressures. We therefore have full autonomy when it comes to the level of growth we know to be sustainable, ensuring the correct decisions are made for the future of the company.

There are many different factors that contribute to our success, and the financial aspect is certainly one that remains high on that list. One thing that we collectively insist on is not to ever become complacent! Hard work, knowledge and expertise lead to successful milestones, but gratitude and humility are equally important, because in today’s challenging world one thing’s for sure and that is balance is key; to nurture current achievements, whilst always thinking ahead in the most diligent, educated way possible. We are under no false illusion that today’s economic climate is not in any way challenging, and doesn’t require extra caution, but we are pleased to say that the company is on target for steady growth, and look forward to what the future holds.