Successful Planning for Successful Delivery – By Projects Director George Rohan

It’s safe to say that so far, 2020 has thrown many curve balls our way, and the remainder of the year could well provide much of the same! As a company that was established in the 80s, it could be said that we have rarely, if ever, seen a year that requires as much adaptation along the way as this one, but as Projects Director I can safely say we have been and are proving to be up to the task.

Something that has always played a key role in the long standing relationships we have with our clients, is the fact that we consider it an absolute pre-requisite for any project that we work with our clients to truly understand their needs and to deliver a solution that meets their requirements. Where possible we also aim to provide added benefit that was possibly not previously considered. Ansador take care of it all, this well-known, but the aspect of every project that is most important, and one that this year really has reminded us of, is the need for precise and efficient planning.

The reality is, that accurate planning is what has led us to consistently deliver to our clients when it comes to project deadlines being met, the prevention of unnecessary costs, return on investment, compliance, and ultimately, a seamless handover. With the Covid-19 pandemic rapidly changing the way sites and customer premises operate, this precise approach to the planning stages has enabled us to implement new health and safety guidelines such as site social distancing without a hitch. It’s also enabled us to continue delivering enterprise level system solutions whilst adhering to new guidelines, without any compromise to the service we provide whatsoever.

The ethos we carry in insisting we work with our clients, particularly during the planning stages, has never been more important than it is right now. We are collectively in this pandemic together. We are all having to adapt, to think fast, to minimise costs without compromising on compliance and to remain resilient. When we do this together is when we deliver success in the face of struggle, unwavering focus in the face of uncertainty, and when, quite simply, we plan to succeed. Options that may have been tenfold in the past often are no longer available. Early procurement has ensured that time frames for completion are not put at risk due to a lack of essential materials. Time is often limited. Logistics are often challenged. But when our team come together with our clients to listen to the requirements, to understand their needs, to create the solution, and to plan the pathway to project delivery, we overcome each hurdle successfully.

Ansador have had to make changes like any business in 2020, but the fundamental values along with veteran industry knowledge of the business remain. As we have done since the start of this pandemic, we intend to draw from those in order to continue with the high levels of client satisfaction we are so pleased to see. Project planning has never proved more vital, and with the best tools to do the job, we’re ready to work with our clients to ensure that one thing remains the same in this new normal; together we can succeed.