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Ansador Awarded ConstructionLine Approval

Exciting news from Ansador!

We are proud to announce our recent certification by ConstructionLine,  the industry-leading UK wide database for pre-qualified contractors and consultants.

ConstructionLine’s database provides an easy, time-saving and cost-efficient way for blue-chip organisations and government bodies to search for the very best company for their project. The safe knowledge that all listed companies meet ConstructionLine’s exacting standards represents a revolutionary move in the Construction industry. It is a move set to improve standards in Construction across the board.

ConstructionLine work hard to ensure that every pre-approved company on their database meets all the criteria necessary to prove an exceptional company. Working in conjunction with specialist pre-qualification agencies, ConstructionLine’s database proudly boasts only the finest quality consultants and contractors in the Construction industry.  The pre-qualification agencies with which ConstructionLine works include:

  • Safety Schemes in Procurement

SSIP actively advise and influence clients about acceptable interpretation and appropriateness of health and safety competence standards in UK schemes while embracing the core guidance on competence training in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.

  • The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency work primarily with businesses and individuals whose activities have higher environmental risks in order that they may comply with the standards of their environmental permits to help them reduce their impact on the environment.

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission

EHRC’s mission is to create a fairer Britain and society without prejudice, to raise awareness of rights and implement an effective legislative framework for the future.

  • The Department for BIS (Business, Innovation and Skills)

The BIS regulates business in the areas of enterprise, skilled human resources, innovation and world-class science and research.  Its role is to build Britain’s capabilities to compete in the global economy.

This fantastic development for Ansador means that you can choose Ansador in confidence, assured of our status as a company that goes above and beyond to provide an all-round, outstanding service.